Part two of this blog will cover the pros and cons of metal wall above ground pools. Lets start with the cons first as there are only a couple. The cost of a metal wall above ground is quite a bit more than its soft-sided sister design. A good quality average size North American made steel walled pool with a good standard ladder and good equipment will start at around $2000.00 with the majority of all good pool packages in the 2K to 3k range. They’re are someextruded aluminum and panel sided semi-above grounds that go for much more than that too. Metal wall pools are available in taller 48″, 52″, and 54″ and some of the nicer ones have a part of the wall thats made of the more expensive stainless steel.

Metal wall above ground pools are also much harder to install than than soft-sided ones. Because they are designed to last, these pools require more precise leveling so all the sod and ground debris has to be removed from the install site and often times sand or some other leveling and/or smoothing aid is applied. This takes more time and money. Electrical requirements are also slightly higher due to the pool pumps being bigger and better. Metal wall pool owners will often opt for a more permanent and safer electric source and hook-up which is better for the long term but cost more to do. Generally speaking, everything will cost more when purchasing and setting up a metal wall above ground verses a soft-side. In a gallon to gallon comparison though, the metal wall pools will cost less in water chemistry due to better pumps and filters and easier maintenance. Now for the advantages.

The biggest advantage metal walled above ground pools have over the soft sided ones is that they will last much longer. A good North American made above ground will easily last 15 years with most of them lasting in the ten to twenty year range. Some will last twenty-five and thirty years with proper care. This is a far cry longer than its one season and done soft-sided Chinese landfiller counterpart. These pools look nicer too as metal pool manufacturers design them in neutral color schemes with visually pleasant patterns. Most all the pool accessories made standard for metal wall pools are made better and last longer too. Ladders and steps options are rated to handle more weight and will last for many years and automatic cleaners will work better and last much longer as well. Permanent decks can be built and landscaping can be done around these pools with the mentality that it will be there for a long while.

The other big advantage to metal wall pools is the quality of the pumps and filters that come with them or that much better stuff can easily be retro-fitted to them. Swimming pools have to be maintained so swimmers can enjoy a clean and healthy pool. Good pool equipment really makes a difference with this. A properly sized and running pump and filter with better cleaning equipment can be the difference between hating your pool and loving it. Also, because most metal sided above grounds have standard sized equipment with standard fittings and openings(especially ones made in the US or Canada), there are more water balancing aid options available. Much better quality salt chlorine generators, ionizers, chlorinators, and ozonators are available for easy add-on installs.

Generally speaking, metal walled above ground swimming pools are by far the way to go versus the soft sides. Many people buy soft-sided pools because they don’t have a lot of money to spend and think this is the way to go only to find out it only gave them a week of fun and months of aggravation until they finally decide to take it down and throw it away. This is the story I’ve heard many, many times as they then save their money and the next time buy a better and more permanent metal side above ground.


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