Cheap Above Ground Pools

During the summer months we get a lot customers that are shopping for a “cheap above ground pool”. This happens many times daily, so we feel we should spend some time on this topic, explaining the difference between cheap and inexpensive above ground swimming pools. With a few pointers you will be able to select the right pool for your family’s needs.

Let me first say that I believe when most people say they they are looking for a “cheap” above ground pool they mean the best pool for their hard earned money, and not the most flimsy pool they can find. Although there are those that are looking to spend a minimal amount of money that is nowhere close to what I would consider a starting point for an above ground swimming pool. For those people I can only suggest Walmart or Intex Corporation as they budget is simply too low and so is their expectations. For all others we point out the differences between various makes and options and help them select what fits best.

This first and most important piece of the pool is the structure itself. American made swimming pools like Sharkline, Wilbar and others use much higher quality materials for the swimming pools construction. Not only is the steel higher quality, but it is also thicker. This is confirmed by the weight of the product. A typical pool wall for a 24 foot above ground pool made in the U.S. weighs about 50 more pounds when compared to the overseas model. This is a very significant difference. The added thickness and quality make for a very long lasting swimming pool. I can say from my experience in swimming pool installation, that I cannot not remember an above ground swimming pool made overseas lasting but a few years at best.
When you consider that a major pool dealer such as can sell American made above ground swimming pools for the same price or less than its Chinese counterparts, it clear to see the real value in purchasing a U.S. made product.

The second big concern is the filter system. Most cheap above ground pool kits on the market also tend to use inferior pool filter systems. The main reason is cost, but like the pool there is a quality American made product that will do a much better job and come with a real warranty.
When you use a cheap pool filter system you get a system that does a poor job of filtering the water. This means the water is always dirty or green. If that added aggravation isn’t bad enough, trying to find parts for this filter system can be impossible.

The last consideration here is the pool liner as well as the pool ladder or entry system. First lets take the liner. Go for the thicker material. 25 is always thicker than 20 regardless whether its 25 gauge or 25mil. Seeing how most dealers sell U.S. made liners this should be an easy find.
And finally the pool steps or ladder. Again American made outshines the imported versions every time. They are thicker plastic, more sturdy and usually have higher weight limits.

One last thing to remember in your quest for a cheap above ground pool is to be sure to get the total price for all items necessary to swim including the shipping cost.

As you can see, when purchasing an above ground swimming pool from a reputable dealer, it is possible to get a lot more bang for your buck. Stick to the American made swimming pools and they will provide decades of enjoyment for not all that much money.


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