Dogs And Above Ground Pools

Above ground swimming pools are great fun every member of the family. Swimming and playing in and around a pool is one of a very few things that all ages, shapes, and sizes can enjoy together. Happily, the family dogs are no exception to this. All dogs love being with their human families and most of them love swimming so it’s very natural for the family canine to want to get in the pool with everyone. The cool thing is, with a good quality above ground swimming pool, that can happen with no problem. There are a couple of things to consider though.

To most dogs, swimming or treading water comes very natural to them. Even when they are young adults they have no fear or problem with jumping right in a paddling around(they don’t call it the “doggie paddle” for nothing). There are some dogs and breeds though that have a harder time discovering they can swim so some pets need a little more encouragement and presents in the water to make it happen. Usually once they get familiar with treading water, they are swimmers for life and since they always want to be close to and doing what everyone else is doing, they’ll want to jump in with you whether you want them to or not.

When dogs swim, they paddle their front paws out in front of them. And since dogs have claws, it’s a concern that they can damage an above ground pool liner as they are paddling near the above ground’s edge. This is a popular concern with dog owners with above ground pools so there are a few things they can do to make the situation better. First off, pool liners are pretty durable and can take a good amount of abuse from scratching paws but it’s absolutely not a good idea. Getting a heavy duty liner for the pool when you buy and set it up will help if the situation becomes excessive. Dogs are pretty smart so in most cases, people can successfully teach their pets not to scratch the liner which solves the problem entirely.

Most dogs aren’t tall enough to touch the pool floor while keeping their heads above water so they need a resting area where they don’t have to tread water the whole time they are in the pool. This is where getting wide steps for the pool is good. Big and wide pool steps like the Majestic step makes an excellent landing point for your swimming pet. Little Bruno can hang out on the step and catch his breath before returning back to swimming with the kids. Steps are also a great way for a dog to enter and exit the pool safely both for him and the sides of the above ground.

Hair from swimming dogs will make the pool’s filter have to work a little harder but it shouldn’t be a problem at all providing your above ground has a good quality and properly sized filter. It’s fairly common for people to use the pool to wash their dogs. This makes it much easier to get the family pet clean but can be an even greater strain in the pools equipment. Pool owners who do this should clean the filter more often.

So it’s two big thumbs up for dogs swimming in above ground pools. It gives them fun exercise while bonding with the family.


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