Pool Wall Foam – When & How To Use It

Pool Wall Foam


Wall foam has become a popular option for above ground swimming pools builds, so what exactly is it and is it necessary? What are the benefits to installing wall foam? And can it be  bad for my pool? These are common questions and we have the right answers for you.

The original purpose for installing a foam product to the inside of an an above ground pool wall was to make the pool walls softer and add some insulation to hold in heat. But this doesn’t really work too well in my opinion. A more realistic use would be to use it on older pools when the liner needed to be replaced. Sometimes the inside wall will get corroded or rusty making its surface too rough for installing a new liner. Gluing a thin layer of protective foam to the wall was an easier and more effective way the protect the new liner with the old rusty wall.

Rusty Pool Walls

Using wall foam during a re-liner install on a rusty wall is a great idea. Surface rust can and will take some life off of a new liner and the wall foam does a nice job completely protecting the liner. A lot of people lately are installing wall foam on brand new pools though and I’m not real sure if there is any advantage to doing it then. The only reason a corroded or rusty wall damages a liner is because it has a rough surface. Brand new above ground pool walls are very smooth so attaching foam is absolutely not necessary. Some do feel that the foam adds an insulation factor to the pool water but I don’t know how much of an “R value” an 1/8″ of pressed foam can achieve. The inside of the pool wall will feel softer to the touch so there is that small advantage.

What Is Pool Wall Foam

Wall foam for above ground pools comes in a continuous roll that is about 48″ wide with a thickness of about 1/8 inch. The wall foam is purchased in different roll lengths from 60′ to 100′ depending on the size of the pool. Spray-on glue must be used with the foam as well. This thin layer of foam is attached to the inside of the pool wall so it has to be glued in place just before the liner is installed.

Installing Pool Wall Foam

To start, spray some glue from top to bottom on the inside of the pool wall for a few linear feet. Start then to roll the foam out and press it in place on the wall from the top down. Tipgluing the foam from the very top of the pool wall will help you to keep the foam attaching straight as you move around the pool. Continue to spray glue on the wall a few feet at a time and then press the foam on the wall. Tip I have best results by spraying glue on the foam as well to make it stick better. When you have glued and stuck the foam all the way around the inside of the pool wall back to the beginning point, then cut off the excess from the end of the roll and your done. The inside of the pool wall is now covered with 1/8 inch thick foam. Generously cut the foam from around the skimmer and return openings.


Pool Wall Foam And How To Use It.

Pool Wall Foam And How To Use It.


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